Customer Support for Language Learning


To provide high-quality customer support across several brands

EDUA Group is the largest private educational group in the Czech Republic. Many well-known brands, such as Caledonian School, James Cook Languages, Jipka, Tutor, Top Vision, and Digiskills, are part of the group. Together, they focus on the lifelong learning process and the advancement of innovation in education. High-quality customer support is a top priority for all of the brands. The team works in a distributed way based on the brands they support and geographically.

As a result, the operators work from different branches and serve several brands at once through various communication channels. The task for Spinoco was to ensure the efficient operation of customer support from all locations, for all brands, and through the different channels.


A centralized system in the Spinoco application

Unified overview of queries

All customer communication goes through the Spinoco system, which enables their sharing so that the colleagues across brands and branches have a clear overview of client requirements.

Organized request processing via each communication channel

Customers must have the perfect experience, regardless of the channel they use to contact customer support. So whether they call, chat, or email to EDUA Group, agents promptly handle communication in Spinoco. As such, both the management and agents can always see what queries are outstanding for each customer.

Detailed statistics

With Spinoco, the management also gets a complete overview of who the agents contact and who is still awaiting a response. They can view detailed statistics about phone calls, SMS, chats, and emails, sorted by branch and brand.


The year that EDUA Group started using Spinoco


The number of calls handled by the customer service team per month


The number of operators connected to Spinoco

"What we appreciate most about the Spinoco application is how easily it distinguishes between individual brands. Even though our call center handles phone calls from several companies, Spinoco clearly shows which line the customer called, so the operators can smoothly support several companies at once. I would also like to highlight the possibility of call recording, which protects our clients and us."

Lucie Málková - Managing Director of Jipka and Tutor

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