Communicaton and task management

in one place

Spinoco lets your team work from anywhere in the world. It helps you make sure that your customers can rely on you, and no query goes overlooked. Have a look at how Spinoco will make your life easier.

Be There for Your Customers


Spinoco offers fully-fledged PBX features. You can record and transfers calls, as well as manage missed calls intuitively. No need for complicated settings – it just works.


A single clear thread keeps track of all your email conversations. If a team member isn't available, Spinoco automatically transfers unresolved emails to ready colleagues.


Talk to your customers in real-time. Connect Spinoco with your Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, or a website plug-in and handle all queries directly from one place.


Do you need to remind your client of a scheduled appointment? Send them a text message directly from Spinoco.

Pull Together as a Team

Tasks Assignment

Spinoco assigns tasks to team members automatically and makes sure that everyone knows where they should focus their work. It's also simple to hand over tasks or to check what the team already completed.

Seamless Teamwork

Cooperation in Spinoco is a breeze. Everyone has access to what they need and knows whom to turn to when needed. By defining different levels of access, users see what work they need to do first.

Contacts with Context

Each customer has a history card with previous communication and shared team notes. To provide top-notch support to clients, you can mark some of them as VIPs and address their requirements first.

Keep your Business Under Control

Easy Management

Analyze data, create reports, and keep track of team productivity. You can see all the historical data without restrictions.

Data Here and Now

Thanks to the Spinoco Dashboard, you can monitor data in real-time and find out how the current shift is doing or if you are meeting today's goals.


Spinoco makes work easier by automating repetitive queries so that users can focus on more exciting tasks.

For All Devices

Spinoco works on all mainstream devices, platforms, and operating systems. It really couldn't be easier.

Leave Routine Tasks to Robots

Voice bot

Voice bots can answer calls on your behalf and answer frequently asked questions (e.g., order status) in many different languages. When it comes to more complex queries, the voice bot will seamlessly transfer the call to a human colleague.


This feature is the ideal solution for communicating with customers, not only on your website. The chatbot can present the client with options to choose from or simulate a normal conversation.

Smooth Workflow

Spinoco can automatically create follow-up tasks. For example, when a customer places an order, it makes a finance department task to create an invoice. Other activities, such as sending a follow-up SMS after a call, can also be automated.

Sending Messages and Notifications

Spinoco can send notifications to your customers on your behalf. For example, to remind a client of an upcoming appointment or inform them of their order status, you can rely on Spinoco's automation.

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