Apple Messages for Business

Talking to your customers as easy

as texting a friend

Provide premium customer service through effortless messaging, even for the most demanding consumers.

Apple Messages for Business allows your organization to chat with your customers using the Messages app directly. Customers can use this service to resolve issues, schedule appointments, place orders, or make payments with Apple Pay.

24x7 prompt service

through bot integration

Handle first-level queries, automate product selection and checkout, or other services like order cancellation, scheduling appointments, or checking account balances.

Super comfy online shopping

for an instant purchase

Provide a unified buying experience and frictionless checkout with built-in features like visual lists, rich links, and scheduling templates further boosted by other Apple apps integration, like Apple Pay.

Large user base

with more than 1.8B Apple devices

The more accessible your brand is on your customers’ preferred channels, the more likely they are to interact with your brand. So why not reach them on their most preferred messaging platform?

Multiple touchpoints

within a simple tap

A simple tap of the Message icon – that‘s all it takes to reach you when searching on Maps, Safari, Search, your website or app, or tapping on your phone number, from any Apple device.

Join the pioneers

and get an edge over the competition 

Many innovative companies worldwide already use Apple Messages for Business to connect with their customers on the most used but often neglected platform. Don’t stay behind.

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Within the Spinoco Application, you can manage Apple Messages for Business from its sleek and intuitive interface, ensuring that you never overlook any message and process them all in the most efficient way possible, accurately, and timely.

Spinoco makes perfect customer care simple

We are an authorized Messaging Service Provider ready to help you get the most out of your communication with even the most demanding customers. On any communication channel you might use, anytime and anywhere, always trouble-free.


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