Excellent customer care
Perfect teamwork

Wherever you are

Handle customer queries and internal communication in a single application. Emails, messages, phone calls - simply and clearly, all in one place.

Nothing slips through the cracks

View the entire communication history with a single click. You always know what your team already discussed with the client. Understanding the context, you can immediately jump into resolving the query and make everyone's lives that much easier.

Manage and lead your team

Spinoco allocates tasks to people based on their workload - nobody will work too much or too little. If a colleague is unavailable, the application automatically assigns the task to someone ready. Work becomes more efficient, saving you time and money.

Everyone handles the tasks they understand

Each team member has a set of skills, according to which they receive tasks. For example, when a team member speaks French, Spinoco automatically assigns French-speaking clients to this colleague. No one handles anything they don't understand.

Leave routine tasks to robots

A chatbot or a voice bot can resolve repetitive incoming queries, such as questions about order status, opening times, or contact details. Spinoco redirects more challenging requests to a human colleague.


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Just the application

You don't need to purchase extra hardware or set up an expensive PBX. Just install Spinoco, and you're good to go.

Tailored to your needs

We work with a diverse range of clients, so we understand the pitfalls in many business fields. Be it an e-shop, front desk, or a logistics company.

Start fast or bit by bit

You can dive in headfirst, or start only with a few channels. Spinoco will grow with you.

Comprehensive training

We rely on a personal approach. Throughout your journey with Spinoco, we will be there to help.

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