Customer Support in the Medical Environment


To provide a customer support solution, putting data security first while maintaining a personal approach

The Medicon Group and Pronatal are among the largest players in the Czech market in terms of the range of outpatient healthcare services and long-term aftercare. They provide complete medical care in several medical facilities in Prague and other Czech cities, with a team of 250 physicians with more than 40 specializations.

While the medical sector’s absolute priority is data protection and security, a personal approach to clients is also essential. The task for Spinoco was to ensure efficient, absolutely safe, and personal communication across all the communication channels used by Medicon in more than 10 locations in the Czech Republic.


Implementation of the Spinoco system in the contact center

Medicon uses the Spinoco solution primarily in the contact center, which is responsible for communicating with patients from approximately 70 outpatient clinics, with the long-term goal of handling about 150 outpatient clinics. Every week, the operators make more than 3000 calls through Spinoco, which they also use too manage any missed calls. For the head of the contact center, Spinoco delivers essential information about the work efficiency of the contact center as a whole and the individual operators. Moreover, it provides statistics regarding the required medical expertise and care.

Communication via text messages, email, and chat

In addition to working with telephony, Some Medicon branches also use the Spinoco solution for text communication. Whether it is communication via SMS, email, or chat, the agents respond in Spinoco.

Order information via the Chatbot

One interesting joint project has been the creation and use of the Chatbot for the pharmacy. With the help of the Spinoco Chatbot, Medicon’s clients can receive information about their pharmacy orders. They can also, for example, change information, such as the type of delivery or other order information. If their query is too complicated for the Chatbot, it is always possible to switch to a live operator who is happy to help with their order.

Integration with the online medication reservation system

The Spinoco application connects to Medicon’s online medication reservation system to facilitate communication between the pharmacy and the clients. The system will accept an order and then directs it to the correct pharmacy location for fulfillment. Automatic communication takes place with the client based on real-time changes in the pharmacy’s medication status. The system enables the pharmacist to manage individual reservations, monitors orders’ deadlines, and communicates with the clients.

Webform implementation

Medicon also makes use of the functionality of connecting a webform to the Spinoco workflow. Therefore, clients can order prescription medications while Spinoco manages the entire communication process. Throughout the process, the system keeps the client updated so that when it’s time to go to the pharmacy, they know that all their medications are ready to be picked up.


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"The Spinoco ecosystem's functionalities are crucial for us for managing the non-medical care of our clients. Thanks to the mix of the different functionalities used across our companies, we can resolve most requests within a single platform - whether it be booking medical appointments, requesting prescriptions, or managing the pharmacy's fulfillment of orders. In the future, we expect to look for additional ways to integrate Spinoco with our business to increase automation of communication and the management of customer care quality. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Spinoco."

Matyáš Bittner, Marketing Manager

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