Customer Support Integrated with the Company’s System


To ensure the customer center’s effective communication with clients

Asseco Solutions develops, implements, and supports specialized enterprise software for organizations of all sizes. They are the largest provider of business information systems in the Czech and Slovak markets, and it operates in other markets within Central Europe, too.

The Asseco Solutions customer center handles client requests primarily over the phone, and its smooth and efficient operation is crucial for the company. The operators need a solution to handle incoming calls while maintaining easy access to the Helios system, which contains essential information about clients.

Spinoco’s task was to find a way to simplify the work with phone calls while also increasing communication efficiency. A statistical overview of the quality of customer service was also a must.


Integration of the Spinoco Application with Helios

The final solution involves a deep integration of the Spinoco Application with the Helios system to share information automatically. The integration minimizes the need for operators to enter information into either of the systems manually.

Real-time client-card display and automatic storing of information and recordings

When an operator receives a call in Spinoco from a client, the client’s information automatically pops up in the Helios system. The operator, therefore, sees all available information about the client that is on the line. Furthermore, the systems automatically store the information about each call, as well as their recordings.

Efficient call routing

Further integration enables Asseco Solutions to modify automatic call routing. Based on a PIN code entered by the client that calls, Spinoco can direct the calls to the correct end-point.

Smooth running of reception and back office

In addition to the Asseco Solutions customer center, the reception team also uses the Spinoco application. As a result, they can efficiently distribute client requests to the customer service team or the back office, whose telephony also runs on the Spinoco solution.


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