Multi-brand customer support


To provide a communication platform for the specific needs of 4 different brands

PackWay has been providing services in the mail order business for more than 50 years. It also operates several successful e-shops in the Czech Republic and abroad. On the Czech market, the PackWay brands are Astoreo, Blancheporte, Magnet 3Pagen, and Výprodej-slevy; each of these brands has a separate e-shop. PackWay also publishes printed catalogs, which tend to generate significant telephone traffic to the company call center.

The PackWay call center processes requests from four different brands in a single environment. Each brand has a specific product line, so it needs to be clear to the operators with which brand they are currently working. The task for Spinoco was to provide a communication platform that was clear, simple, and met the needs of all four brands.


The implementation of a single environment for all operators

Through the Spinoco application, the operators manage all four brands’ phone calls, whether it is standard call handling or more complex features such as call transfers. Given that back-office teams also use the Spinoco solution, calls and information about them remain in one system, regardless of who answered them.

Email support Unification

All of the brands also provide active email support. Spinoco groups all emails into cohesive conversations so everyone can see the clients’ requests and how their colleagues resolved them.

Involving external partners

Thanks to the Spinoco solution’s universality, it is unnecessary for all operators to share space physically, and it is also simple to involve external partners in the entire communication process. During busy peak hours, PackWay uses this possibility.

Cooperation with foreign brands

PackWay uses the range of advantages of the Spinoco solution - whether it be the many complex features or geographical flexibility. For example, the Astoreo brand uses Spinoco in Hungary, too.


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"We appreciate the long-term cooperation with Spinoco for its reliability in addressing our needs. Therefore, when deciding on replacing our obsolete HW PBX, the choice fell on the Spinoco software solution. The way that Spinoco implemented their solution for us and the smooth transition to the new system confirmed that we made the right choice."

Leona Blažková, customer support manager

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