The Why of the Spinoco Application

The idea of the Spinoco Application was inspired by observing companies communicate. And what we noticed was a lot of noise.

Companies use emails, chat rooms, mobile phones, desk phones, good oldfashioned mail — and they use all of that at the same time. This leads to a lot of conversations along the lines of “You said you sent me the document, but I can't find it in my inbox.” — “Oh, that's because I sent it to you on chat.” We thought this was extremely inefficient and went about figuring out how we could make communication easier, more unified, and also (because that's just as important) more fun.

And that's how the Spinoco Application was born. An easy to use tool for everyone who wants to communicate clearly, efficiently and professionally. You want to call someone? Sure, you can use Spinoco to do that (and yes, even when they don't use Spinoco or when they live in a different country). You want to send someone an email? Spinoco's here to help. Want to do a quick checkup on someone using chat? — you catch the drift.

What, however, makes the App really special is that we didn't stop at making the best and most integrated communication tool out there. We realized that to truly communicate efficiently, teams need to collaborate seamlessly.

And so we added the functionality of tasks — what, a to do list, you ask? Sure, on the first glance it could seem like a fancy to do list. But look closely and you will notice that its real power lies in being interconnected with the communication side of things. All tasks and communication can be automatically assigned to the clients whom you work with, without your team members having to explicitly think about making these assignments. That way, the context of every customer's story is available in realtime, to all team members.

Envision this: you come to work, you set out to work on tasks for your customer, Your Valued Customer, Inc. And instead of having to manually enter data about when you talked to them and what you discussed with them, you simply press the dial button, and all the relevant data will be available straight away. Next time, when one of your team mates talks with YVC, they won't have to come running to you to ask what you talked with them about and what they are like — they will see that data too. Can you see the time saving power of this? Sharing information with your team has never been easier.

The Spinoco Application has immense potential as a communication tool and as a tool for seamless team collaboration and information sharing. We don't talk about building the next generation of email, the next generation of to do lists, or anything of that sorts. We work on building the App that will enable you to get rid of the ten different tools you and your team now use to keep things running. Because, really, all it takes is one great tool!

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