The simplest way to perfect customer care in the field

Intelligent mobile PBX, requiring no data connection or training 

New Spinoco functionality: Perfect service on the front line 

Imagine having complete control over the perfect customer experience – including your sales representatives or field agents. Imagine having the opportunity to provide your clients with a connection to sales representatives whenever necessary. Imagine having a perfect overview of all communication with your customers.  

You can do it easily – a simple mobile phone and a Spinoco SIM card are enough for your field agents to enjoy the benefits of a modern customer center, even without a reliable data connection. They can just continue using their phones the same way they usually do.



Spinoco is provided on the SaaS (software as a service) principle - working on all standard computers and mobile phones with a stable Wi-FI or 4G connection comes as no surprise. However, this latest feature can also be used by all field agents with no access to a stable data connection. 

Field agents (sales representatives, technicians, etc.) are at the core of most business models. They are the leading brand ambassadors, daily representing the brand to customers. Their performance has a crucial effect on customer experience and overall customer care reviews. However, their phone communication faces various limitations – they have limited options for accessing data on computers, they may often be unavailable for customers at a particular moment, or they may have no continuous access to a stable data service. 

Now you can ensure that they handle all telephone communication effectively, and free up their focus on the most important tasks and quality of service. At the same time, no contact or request ends up lost. 


With the help of a standard mobile phone and a user interface that doesn’t require training, field agents can have a modern PBX at hand anytime, with all fundamental features included: 

-       CRM integration (inbound and outbound calls) 

-       Call recording 

-       Call transcription

-       Automated assistants (voice bots)

-       Statistics


USE CASE: More than 40% of calls can be redirected to the call center 

You can direct clients to field agents, with the option to connect with other team members or the contact center.

Specific types of calls can be automatically forwarded to the contact center with the help of voice automation technology. If necessary, calls are recorded and transcribed when required by regulations, law, or business processes.  

All calls are centrally stored in Spinoco. Information about them can be automatically recorded in your enterprise CRM or ERP. Simultaneously, the saved data may increase effective call handling – e.g., offering special treatment to VIP clients. 


Spinoco comes with a simple solution for all key challenges of modern customer care:

-       simple to use 

-       accessible technology

-       unlimited scalability

-       safe and reliable

With no or minimal training required, you can integrate Spinoco with primary or secondary SIM or eSIM cards. 


Relieve your field representatives from requests that can be addressed in a better way – and take control of all communication with your customers. 

Get in touch with us – we will be happy to help you ensure perfect customer care on the front lines. 

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