Chatbots or Voicebots. Do You Truly Need Them?

Surveys show that up to 75 % of businesses have implemented or plan to implement some form of automation into their customer service departments. The most popular among these are voicebots and chatbots, one of the latest technological trends in communication. Let’s look at why they’re so successful and if they can help your business, too. 


Chatbots play a central role in many different business segments, ranging from e-commerce through finance to recruitment. Our clients find a lot of various benefits in placing chatbots on their websites. The most commonly cited one is their around-the-clock online availability and the ease of retrieving data about clients’ common requests. Chatbots quickly resolve the most repetitive communication so that their human colleagues can devote their attention to more complex cases that require a personal approach.

Using chatbots isn’t just about passing on information; some of our clients also use them as an additional sales channel. The most successful among them regularly reach conversion of up to 15 %! 

It is a common misconception that chatbots provide a simplified FAQ environment. On the contrary, modern technologies allow for the creation of realistic chatbots that can react to pre-defined keywords and take into account complex compound sentences and the context of the entire communication. As a result, your client might not even notice they aren’t talking to a human colleague.


Voicebots and voice assistants can convert human speech into text format, use complex artificial intelligence methods to recognize and understand it, choose the most appropriate reaction and streamline it into audio format. All of that happens so fast that the user feels like they are having a conversation in real-time

Like with chatbots, wherever you need to simplify your colleague’s workflow, it can be a good idea to consider implementing a voicebot. Whether you need a straightforward way to process answers to frequently asked questions or inform clients about the status of their orders in real-time, voicebots offer an attractive streamlining opportunity.

It’s undoubtedly in no small part thanks to their user-friendliness that voicebots have become so popular. A conversation is, after all, the most natural way for humans to communicate. One also shouldn’t underestimate the still-present “wow” effect of talking to a voicebot, as for many people talking to a voicebot is still a new experience. Voicebots work across many different platforms, and they serve quickly-growing customer bases very efficiently, even when the clients have varying degrees of technological proficiency. 


Are you unsure as to whether automation would be helpful for you and your business? Most likely, it would. In each segment, agents solve repetitive situations according to clearly defined rules that do not change very frequently. And it is with repetitive and routine questions and tasks that bots have the most added value.


When choosing the right solution for your business, it’s essential to know the answer to two fundamental questions: 

  1. What are some of the repetitive tasks handled by your customer support department?

Clarify the information and requests that your customers most commonly seek and the most appropriate form of communication for addressing them. 

Chatbots are great for where users need to work with visuals and text; for example, it’s much simpler for the clients to compare individual products. On the other hand, voicebots rely exclusively on audio information. While listening is slightly slower than a quick visual overview, it can be more engaging than reading.

If your business relies primarily on a linear customer journey, a voicebot is an excellent choice. Chatbots might be better if the customers’ decision-making process is more complex, with many options to choose from or compare. Depending on the individual needs of your business, it might be a good idea to combine voicebots, chatbots, and human interaction within your customers’ journey.

It’s always important to consider the specifics of your segment and platform. The correct automation procedure will help you shorten the time taken or the number of contact points needed to resolve your clients’ requests.

  1. What resources can you dedicate to the new solution? 

It’s commonly understood that the more advanced a solution, the more financially demanding it will be. However, new automation users often underestimate the effort required to train their solutions based on machine learning. This isn’t only a one-time investment of time and effort at the start, but it’s also necessary to consider the regular updates and training you will need to improve your bots’ performance


If you underestimate this continuous training of your bots, the automation may not only not achieve the desired results, but you also risk your clients’ general satisfaction. It’s also important to keep in mind that bots don’t necessarily replace human colleagues completely. The technology is just not quite there yet. Human colleagues are still much better at handling more complicated requests and situations, where they have to take into account a very complex context or work with human emotion. Bots can, however, when correctly set up, be very helpful assistants in the process.


If you want to use the bots’ potential for saving time and costs while improving your clients’ satisfaction to the fullest, do get in touch with us. We’ll help you analyze your specific needs and suggest a fitting solution for your business’s technological and communicational context. Should we find bots to be an unsuitable solution for you, we’ll let you know. We never recommend that our clients use a solution unless it has a clear long-term added value for them. 

At Spinoco, we work with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies. We’ll happily assist you in choosing and implementing the most appropriate automation solution for you. The Spinoco application offers a complete solution for all of your communication needs across different channels, brands, and markets, all within a single intuitive solution that is adaptable to your individual business needs.

Get in touch; we look forward to hearing from you! 

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