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To find a complete communication solution for multilingual customer support teams

Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer that offers peace of mind in all conditions. Their know-how stems from their Scandinavian roots and values. Sustainable safety and eco-friendliness across the entire life cycles are the goals for their passenger car tires, truck tires, and heavy tires. The Group also includes the Vianor chain, specializing in vehicle maintenance and tire services.

The Nokian Tyres customer support team based in Prague serves clients primarily from countries throughout Europe, except for Scandinavia. A complete communication solution, which can intelligently distribute calls between the multilingual teams, is a necessity. For the clients’ comfort in individual countries, Nokian Tyres also needs international local phone numbers to be unified in a single solution so that operators in Prague can handle them.


International customer support (not only) from Prague

Spinoco provides these international local phone numbers to Nokian Tyres as a unified service directly connected to the Spinoco application. Customer support then handles client requests from most of the European countries within the Spinoco application.

Call distribution according to language skills

For the efficient handling of calls in different languages, customer support uses the Spinoco team functionality to distribute phone calls according to language skills. This way, customer calls are correctly assigned to operators who have the appropriate language skills and can best help them.

Priority handling according to the workload

Customer support experiences fluctuations in the number of client requests, primarily in the winter season, when they need to handle a significantly larger number of queries. In such cases, colleagues from other departments or temporary workers can help the customer support team directly in the Spinoco application. Calls are then primarily routed to the users, who have the time to handle them.

Expanding to other locations

We respond to the client’s changing needs and extend the Spinoco solution to other locations such as, most recently, the Nokian Tyres branch in Nürnberg, Germany.


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"Spinoco is a user-friendly application that provides agents and managers the necessary outputs for everyday operations. I consider working with the Spinoco team to be excellent, as they always do their best to find a solution to any requirement and implement these quickly. The collaboration with Spinoco is perfect, and there is nothing I can criticize. What I appreciate the most is the speed of support from Spinoco, which is usually within minutes."

Eva Kovářová, Customer Service Manager CE

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